Joining Danielle and Uma on the Pridecast are founding members Zen Uzoma, Derek Lindsey, and Jill Franquelli of Queers for Black Lives. In June, they successfully held their first march followed by a celebration of Black lives and Black joy. Proceeds went to support Baltimore Safe Haven. Their second march for justice for Breonna Taylor is happening Saturday, September 19th. Have a listen and learn more about their mission and collaboration to bring together Queers for Black Lives.

Jey shares some of the inspirational projects they've seen in their time at Teaching Tolerance, what resources there are available for educators on, and shares how they have found the reflective practice of meditation.

Episode 21 features Matthew Molyett, District 1 Candidate for HCPSS Board of Education. We address some of Matthew's concerns for the current and future Board of Education as well as discuss his personal reasons for making sure LGBTQ+ awareness is a top priority should he become elected. We also discuss procedures for diversifying school media collections. 

In this episode, Adiba Jaigirdar talks about her debut young adult novel, The Henna Wars and shares about Bengali, Irish, and Brazilian language and culture, why including topics of cultural appropriation and racism were important to the book, and what her plans are for the future. Also, learn how you can take part in a future Pridecast!

In this episode we meet LGBTQ+ college students who have taken on leadership roles as 3 of the founding members of HoCo for Justice, a group of Howard County youth that joined together to mobilize and protest the wrongful deaths and mistreatment of Black men, women, and children in our country and to bring education and awareness to those who are ready to listen and take action. Their involvement in this first protest is just the beginning of what we will be seeing from this youth led organization in the future. Listen in and get inspired. 

Carly LeDroux of Carly Fuller Photography shares how her photography career started by listening to others, trusting her instincts, and then grew into a collaborative and lucrative business. Carly and I share wedding stories of our own and may or may not share a few tears. Carly also shares some tips for promising photographers as well as for those interested in tying the knot. 

What do an elementary school principal, parent, and small business owner all have in common? In this episode I have a conversation with Jennifer Sulin-Stair (LGBTQ+ parent and small business owner), Dr. Lynch (principal at Hillcrest Elementary School), and Dr. Sway (owner of Better World Imaginarium ( about some recurring behavior in front of Hillcrest elementary school that goes against the accepting and loving nature of this small, but tight-knit, Catonsville Community. Leading with love, Sulin-Stair organized her own counter "Love is Love" visibility event to stand up to one group's scornful objection toward LGBTQ+ families.

Congratulations to Zachary Koung, soon to be senior at Howard High School and newly elected Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB). Zach talks about how he got involved in politics, his big hopes for both his near and distant future, and the importance of being knowledgeable about political candidates and getting out to vote. He talks about his platform and the importance of financial literacy and mental health in school systems, and some ideas he has to initiate change. 

In Episode 15, Jumel shares his role and work as Vice President of PFLAG, Howard County and founder of Howard County Pride. We discuss what lead him to this leadership role, how he continues to be a voice for the community, and how he is working to create positive change. TRIGGER WARNING: for those who are sensitive to topics of suicide, this is briefly discussed from 26:45 - 28:30.

In this episode, Shawn Theron (AKA SOGH) talks about how he got his start as an artist as well as his creative idea of creating a mobile art gallery. He talks Pride, inspiration, and advice for young artists. 

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